Why Is Play Important When It Comes To Child Development

Why Is Play Important When It Comes To Child Development

Being playful is natural for children no matter the age. Whether alone or with others, play is a part of growing up. But, aside from giving kids fun experiences, it also plays an important role in child development.


The Benefits

There are many ways play can help children in Lafayette, IN. It contributes to the well-being of children, whether emotional, physical, cognitive, or social. 

Here are some of the most important benefits that parents should know about:


  • Physical – If a child feels supported and comfortable when playing, especially outdoors, they tend to push themselves in trying new things. In the process, they are able to develop fine motor skills. For example, they can learn to use their hands and fingers when handling objects. In doing so, they build their strength and coordination. Because of this, they will have the skills necessary for writing. Physical engagement with toys and interaction with other kids also allows their attention to work best.


  • Language – Cooperative play can help children build their language skills. It would depend on a child’s ability and patience when they have to explain themselves. Parents and teachers can teach words in a way that the kid finds interesting. Meanwhile, playing with other kids helps improve back-and-forth communication.


  • Self-confidence – An important aspect of child development is building self-confidence. Success in play can help with that. For instance, parents and teachers can acknowledge their efforts when they build with blocks or if they win in a game. 


  • Social – Play can help develop children’s social skills, especially if they are allowed to interact with other children. They learn how to listen, negotiate, and compromise. They also start understanding the importance of communication. Play also helps in building positive qualities and correct negative ones.


The Role of Teachers

Aside from parents, Lafayette, IN children learn from the people around them. Among the most impactful are their teachers. That is because school is the place they spend most of their time outside of their homes.


That is why parents need to find a preschool that has qualified and well-trained teachers. They should also be experienced in dealing and interacting with the age group where your child belongs to.


Additionally, play is a part of early childhood classrooms. Having teachers facilitate play will help maximize the benefits that it offers to child development. They can instill appropriate practices in children. At the same time, they can also intervene during play to assist children when it comes to problem-solving. This way, undesired behaviors can be redirected. 


Choosing a Preschool

Aside from the facilities of the school and its reputation, it is necessary for parents to consider the teachers and programs that a preschool offers. Visit the facility and observe how they conduct their activities. Check if they are suitable for the needs of your child.


If you are looking for a reliable preschool that encourages play and incorporates it with learning, call Little Steps Early Learning Center.