Healthy Snacks Parents Can Give Their Children In Daycare

Healthy Snacks Parents Can Give Their Children In Daycare

If your kiddos are like everyone else's, they act like they are starving by the time they get home in the afternoon. Such a notion also pertains to children who are old enough to attend school. Even teens can eat guardians out of the house and home when they return after an extended learning day. Moms, dads, aunts, uncles, or whoever is in charge of little ones must make an effort to feed kids healthy food.

Allowing them to chow down on anything and everything can be a recipe for disaster in the long run. If bad eating habits follow children as they age, they may become obese. Obesity can cause various medical conditions, such as:

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Coronary Artery Disease
  • Stroke
  • Heart Attack


Parents who want what's best for kids have come to the right place. The following sections will discuss three healthy snack options for daycare-aged children. With any luck, they will help guardians pass along good eating habits to their kiddos, who in turn will avoid health issues later in life. Plus, the ideas might prevent children from filling up on junk and ruining their appetite before dinner.


Not all of the choices mentioned here will be right for every child, so parents, please use discretion when feeding your youngsters. A box of raisins can be a great treat for lots of reasons. However, they may not be appropriate for kids under four or those who have trouble chewing and swallowing. That is a topic for another day, though.

A small box of raisins is loaded with carbohydrates—the yummy snacks contain 34 grams of them and can give kiddos instant energy. They also promote good bowel health and stop harmful bacteria from growing in the mouth.

Peanut Butter And Apple Slices

It goes without saying that children with nut allergies should not eat peanut butter. As such, this snack won't be perfect for all kids. However, if you have little ones in daycare without such allergies, feel free to give it a try. Both apples and peanut butter are chock-full of vitamins and minerals. The two are also high in fiber to support bowel health.

Additionally, peanut butter gives kids an excellent dose of healthy fats and protein. The two flavors of the combined ingredients go together nicely, which is a big plus as daycare workers won't need to convince kids to eat their snacks. Perhaps there has never been a better time than now to give peanut butter and apple slices a whirl.

Carrots And Cottage Cheese

Carrots contain soluble and insoluble fiber, along with complex carbohydrates. Meanwhile, cottage cheese is a good source of protein. The flavors and textures go together well when carrot sticks are dipped in cottage cheese. Think outside of the box and feed your children healthy snacks. Doing so could prove to be beneficial now and later.

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