4 Ways To Keep Kids Active At Home

4 Ways To Keep Kids Active At Home

For families living in Lafayette, IN, perhaps no one has experienced as much upheaval in their lifestyle due to the COVID-19 pandemic as parents. With schools being canceled for health and safety reasons, the structure and supervision teachers have always provided on workdays are now gone.

Now, as summer rolls along in IN, families are adjusting to the new normal and the uncertainty about what will happen and when schools will reopen. Parents working at home while the children are also there is a new situation for many of us, but there are some things you can do to make the entire thing less harrowing. Here are four ways to keep kids active and entertained even when they’re at home.

Solo Play Is Still Okay

Social distancing is critical for you and your children, but that doesn’t mean all outdoor free play has to be eliminated. Free play is vital for both physical and mental stimulation, so if you have a yard, some time outdoors is still a good idea.

However, it may be better to limit them to solitary activities. Biking, skipping ropes, hula hoops, and other similar activities outdoors can still provide the play and exercise that children need. However, these don’t require interactions with others, allowing your child to maintain social distancing.

Try The Active Home Website

For parents who are looking for something within a set age range, the Online Physical Education Network now has a special section known as Active Home. It includes a wealth of different activities based on a child’s age.

There are activities for both indoors and outdoors that are physically strenuous and mentally stimulating. There are even activities divided by the season, so the summer range of suggested activities differs from the one for winter. It’s an excellent resource for parents.

Be A Role Model

If you want your children to be active even while following social distancing rules, the easiest way to achieve this is to provide them with an example to follow. Routines and structures are good, and if you do workouts at home, you can start doing some that are appropriate for your children as well.

If you are all exercising together, this can be a good way to both bond and engage in cardiovascular activity that everyone needs to stay healthy.

Keep Recess Intact

Just because kids may be staying at home while learning, that doesn’t mean recess is no longer necessary. A brain break is always a good idea, even in a homeschool situation. Make sure you structure breaks between lessons, and give children something to keep them focused on something else.

For example, a quick break between lessons can be an “animal walk” session that kids enjoy if they are in the right age group. Have them imitate the walking styles of different animals, even imaginary ones, as a way to stretch their muscles and promote movement.

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